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  • Made with Ren'Py 7.1.1+
  • 15 interactive screens
  • Designed for 1920x1080 display (1280x720 coming soon!)
  • For Free or Commercial use (no credit needed)
  • Complete Documentation

Interactive Screens List

1DirectoryMain Menu  | Game Menu
2LogDialogue/Monologue history
3Save9 save slot pages, 6 save slots per page
4LoadLoadable 6 automatic save slots , 9 save slots pages
5SettingsDisplay | Text | Audio
6ExtrasBG Gallery | CG Gallery | Music Room
7BG GalleryUnlockable BGs
8CG GalleryUnlockable CGs
9Music RoomUnlockable music
10CreditsAbout/Credits page
11HelpKeyboard Help | Mouse Help | Gamepad Help
12Keyboard HelpControls for the keyboard
13Mouse HelpControls for the mouse
14Gamepad HelpControls for the gamepad
15Quick MenuBack | Skip | Auto | Log | Save | Load | Menu

If you would like me to handle installation on a working game or want additional screens (such as a stats page), feel free to commission me!


By purchasing this product, you accept the risks and limitations that come with using pre-made screens.


  • Only certain files have been altered, and any unchanged files will remain in their respective locations to avoid errors.
  • All lines of code, whether or not they apply to the template, will remain in the program. Unused screens from the original screens.rpy will be commented out (#).
  • Mobile Variants and assets for NVL-Mode have not been changed. Alter accordingly if necessary.
  • Does not include Sound Effects, Replay Mode, or Quick Save.

How to Install

  1. Make a copy (backup) of your original game.
  2. Extract GummyHearts.zip.
  3. Copy the unzipped files (27) and paste them into your game folder.
  4. Replace all files (Note: Any changes made to files sharing the same name will be overwritten and lost).
  5. Change has_bg_gallery, has_cg_gallery, and has_music_room variables (True/False) to suit your game. Located in options.rpy.
  6. Copy any information from your original game's options.rpy into the new options.rpy (Important: config.name, config.build_name and config.save_directory).
  7. Copy and paste any existing art assets you have into their image folders (default thumbnail size: 350x197). Image paths in your script need to be changed ("bg/[...]" or "cg/[...]"). Change file names or code if necessary.
  8. Copy and paste any existing music files you have into the music folder. Music paths in your script need to be changed ("music/[...]"). Change file names or code if necessary.
  9. Force Recompile and Launch Project.


GUI Template created by Ende

Quality Assurance by Renkka

Sample Art by Uncle Mugen

Sample Music by Patrick de Arteaga

Original icons made by Smashicons from Flaticon


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $9.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

GummyHearts(1920x1080).zip 47 MB

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